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The Hope Lives Foundation is always looking for passionate individuals to share their time and talents with our organization. The Foundation offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. No one skill is too great or too small, if you are looking to volunteer your your time, talents and have an interest in events, please reach out to us.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, retiree, student, community member, or a professional looking to donate your skills and talents, the Hope Lives Foundation could be the place for you to grow personally and reap the rewarding benefits of giving back!

The Hope Lives Foundation Volunteer Program is dedicated to providing a quality experience to every person within the program as well as providing you with the fulfilling opportunity to utilize your specialties, no matter how great or small, to give back. So reach out and call us today to see how you can support our Mission and experience the rewards of being a Hope Lives Foundation Volunteer. Please fill out and submit this form to our Human Resource Manager at #772-465-6777 for more information.

Must be 18 years of age or older to apply for volunteer placement. Upon completion of an application, volunteer candidates will be processed by an interview to evaluate each prospective volunteer's interests and skills, as well as, receive general orientation.

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